Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

As you all know The Dark Knight Rises will be released this July 20. Im not super excited about Catwoman being in it or Talia I find them super lame and a freaking waste of time. I'll stop with my hatred of them before this becomes a rant post. What has me excited though is all the action and Bane being in this movie. The third trailer really pumps you up for it and makes you more than ready for it to come out.

Batman is going to have a difficult time ahead of him with the police on the lookout for him, Bane being what he calls Gotham's Reckoning, and Catwoman just being a waste of Batman's valuable time. The Dark Knight has his plate full.
Im sad that this will be the last one Nolan will be making and turning to Superman(pardon me while I beat my head against a wall). We are lucky to be getting this one though since Nolan became unsure after The Dark Knight had been linked with some deaths and a few accidents after. Its sad that Ledger had to die I'm 99.9% postive Joker would have been back with a special henchwench at his side. But I guess will just have to wait and see if Nolan can really pull this off even though many people warned him not to bring Catwoman in any of the movies if you ask me its a very foolhardy move. Here are some pictures to get you excited about this all!