Monday, August 13, 2012

Batman Artwork

I love drawing Batman and other Batman characters its my most favorite to draw. It was Star Wars but drawing Ahsoka got old really quick. Im really good at the animation style but I have been trying out some comic book art that is really coming together for me. Hope you enjoy some of the Batman pictures I have worked on.

Ok some people have heard of the shorts called Gotham Girls its a series mainly focused on Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. I thought this picture was to cute not to draw but I put my own special touch to it to make it my own. The main picture I used as a preferance had Harley just standing I thought it would make it more Harley style if I did her jumping in the air instead. Plus I thought of the background do.

This is a WIP(Work In Progress) I actually got it colored but Im being lazy about taking a picture. I will post one later because it looks so much better colored. This was a challenged issued by Tara so I just now finished it. And it has tons of detail.

I dont know how many of yall have watched Young Justice but I love the animation of the show. For some reason it always gives me trouble when I try to draw the animation style so Im really proud of the way this one turned out even though there are some huge mistakes.

The Batman style drawing I did about a couple months ago. I love the way the cape seems to be flowing. Thats one of the most fun things to draw about Batman is his infamous cape!

This is actually a comic book cover that I used for a preferance. I loved drawing this one because it gave me a chance to practice on vines.

Ok last one. Its Inque(pronounced Ink) from Batman Beyond. She's a neat female character I wished they had more of her in the show but you always dont get what you want. This is my most popular drawing on DevaintART. Well on my Batman DevaintART page!

I hope you all enjoy my find Batman art. Dont slam my art Im already hard enough on myself. :P