Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dark Knight Rises NASCAR Car

On Father's Day Sunday NASCAR had their usual day of races I was at work and saw highlights of it on SportsCenter. I've never been one for NASCAR but this one thing caught my ever fangirl eye.
A DARK KNIGHT RISES CAR!!! How sweet is that?! Mountain Dew is doing a thing for the upcoming blockbuster so they decided to make a car that their driver Dale Ernhardt Jr would drive also what sweetened this race is Dale won in The Dark Knight Rises car!!!
The best part about this car? It has Batman on one side and Bane on the other! No Catwoman!! Im going to laugh now! Ok sorry. I have to have this car it is just way to cool AND its a BATMAN car who wouldnt want it?!!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Arkham City Replicas

Here recently a company got the license to make replicas of famous things from Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. So far they only have replicas of a Batarang and the Riddler trophy people who play this game will know instantly what these things are. These two items are produced by TriForce
I'm pretty sure this piece is hand sculpted and hand painted by artists because I dont think it would be worth $187.50 dollars if it wasnt. Kind of creepy though that it just has batmans hand grasping the batarang. If your only going to do a batarang I think they should at least just have a cool looking base that makes it look likes its flying through the air. But none the less this is a very cool piece that any Batman fan or Arkham Asylum/City fan would love to own.
The second piece produced by TriForce is the Riddler Trophy. Players of the game will know what these are. Riddler in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City has strategically placed these all throughout the Asylum and City to hassle Batman. As if guns and thugs werent enough for him. This piece is truly an epic one. I love how they seemed to make it look like its cobbled together by Riddler. Its a simple looking piece but truly a work of art none the less. This piece is on pre-order as the batarang piece is right now but the Riddler Trophy is a little less expensive costing around $87.50 for pre-order.

I think that this is a great idea to do. Because Arkham Asylum and Arkham City is a very popular game and its not just for fans of the game but Batman nerds everywhere. Because all Batman fans know about the batarang. And fans of Riddler will love the trophy because it has the famous question mark in Riddler green. I hope I can be lucky enough one day to get one of these pieces

Monday, June 4, 2012

New Dark Knight Rises Posters

As we ever get closer to The Dark Knight Rises that is coming out July 20th many new teaser posters are coming out. Frankly I think these are cooler than The Dark Knight ones. It seems like they took more time with them. It still worries me that Nolan ruined the movie by bringing Catwoman in it and Talia. Anyway off to the posters!
I love the pose in this one Batman looks ready. I also really like the city in the backgound!

This one takes a fan favorite of Batman's poses! The cape swirling around him covering part of his face.

This one is my laptop background!

I like how they kind of used the concept from the cover of The Dark Knight DVD case. It has Batman standing in front of the bat symbol on fire. That was always my favorite.
Batman shall RISE!