Friday, October 12, 2012

More Artwork.

I have done more Batman art since my last post about my artwork. I've done more comic style which is really fun once you get the hang of it lots of line and detail its really hard but more than rewarding to see it once its finished. I'm also posting the colored image of the Batman Beyond drawing I did it looks great colored and Im happy to see the way it turned out.
Ok I used a preferance from my Arkham City comic I just absolutely loved the pose of Batman and the comic style it called to my hands to draw it. There is just so much detail it was really hard to make it look right but it turned out wonderful. I was really impressed with myself. He looks so fierce.

Another drawing I did from my Arkham City comic. I literally almost pulled my hair out when I was trying to draw Harley's hair. It might look sweet and innocent but it is pure evil I tell you eeeeevvviiiiiillllll. But I'm happy with the way it turned out. She really looks psychotic and ready to kill in this one. I love Harley's outfit in Arkham City way better than the nurses one in Arkham Asylum.

Aaaaaaand the colored version of the Batman Beyond drawing I did. This one took me a long time to draw and color but worth very moment and every drop of sweat. At least I had fun doing it. Its not perfect and I may try redoing it someday but not today Im enjoying it now.

Well thats all the artwork I have to show now. Im working on a sketch card of Inque but I'll post it later since its not done. And trust me I'll have more Batman I enjoy drawing him to much to quit now. I hope that someday I'll be known for my Batman drawings because I enjoy drawing him so much.