Monday, June 4, 2012

New Dark Knight Rises Posters

As we ever get closer to The Dark Knight Rises that is coming out July 20th many new teaser posters are coming out. Frankly I think these are cooler than The Dark Knight ones. It seems like they took more time with them. It still worries me that Nolan ruined the movie by bringing Catwoman in it and Talia. Anyway off to the posters!
I love the pose in this one Batman looks ready. I also really like the city in the backgound!

This one takes a fan favorite of Batman's poses! The cape swirling around him covering part of his face.

This one is my laptop background!

I like how they kind of used the concept from the cover of The Dark Knight DVD case. It has Batman standing in front of the bat symbol on fire. That was always my favorite.
Batman shall RISE!

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  1. I agree, these posters are cooler than TDK's posters. :) Although TDK poster with the Joker painting a simle on the glass was cool.