Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hilarious Batman

I know its hard to fit hilarious and Batman all in the same sentence but since I have joined Pinterest I have actually found some pretty awesome Batman pictures that are both clean and funny and I have found some pretty awesome ones to. I thought everyone would get a good laugh at the ones that I have found!
I had to edit out a pretty bad word. Stokes my fire when they use God's name in vain. Either with a curse word or putting his name instead of gosh. URGH!!!! But it is not my place to teach people a lesson even though I want to really bad.
FACINGPALMING BATMAN!!!! I almost died when I found this!
Me and Batman are so alike! I hate that song to and he puts Superman in his place! MARRY ME BATMAN PLEASE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haha!! If Batman was any different he would be bi-polar.
Thats all Im going to put right now. Pinterest can get real annoying when you try to get the link to the picture and you go back it kicks you back up to the top and thats hard when you have over 400 pins of Batman. :P

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  1. HAHAHA These definitely are hilarious! :D It really makes me mad too when God name is used in vain, glad you edited it.
    By the way, have you seen The Dark Knight Rises yet?