Thursday, July 19, 2012

Countdown Till The Dark Knight Rises

1 MORE DAY!!!!
This is seriously happening just one more day tonight at midnight The Dark Knight Rises will be playing in theaters!! I decided to switch up the picture today for an on set one and I thought it was pretty funny to!! Seeing Christian Bale and Tom Hardy in costume just smiling away! The thought of Christian doing his very last scene in the Batman suit then after it was filmed he sat down in the suit remembering all the times he suited up in it. That makes me want to cry(Its a fangirl thing we are very emotional when it comes to these types of things). Anyway get ready for a spazzy countdown tomorrow!!!! Stay safe and stay sane!


  1. Something about Batman and Bane laughing is just wrong to me. LOL :D It's here! When are you going to see it? I hopefully will see it Wedsday.


  2. So sweet! And i totally get the fangirl thing i always get emotional about batman. Especially with TDKR.