Monday, July 2, 2012

Upcoming Art

As some of you know that I can draw I have come a long way since I last posted art and I admit I've gone a little batty with my art. :P I have Batman pictures galore to draw(I have 468 Batman pictures total. Pft Im not obssessed...ok maybe a little.). Anyway I would like to post the pictures of upcoming comic book covers that I will be drawing. Im trying my hand at this Im very good at animation and I've done few pictures from comics(Deadpool being one) so its time for me to try Batman comic style! Here is the few I have chosen!
I think this one kicks butt but Batman kicks everyone's butt in the fighting section and hot factor section! The reason I chose this one is because I like the detail and the pose! Plus his boots look sick(in a good way...I love boots.)

Im totally an Arkham City freak so I couldnt resist when I saw this one I must draw it!

This one is to help me practicing inking. I love inking it makes everything look awesome!

Here is something different NANANANANANA BATGIRL! XD

If ya'll want I can post the versions I did if they turn out good so ya'll can see them. But to make myself clear the only pictures I will own is the ones I do myself I do not take credit for any of the pictures I just posted I can only dream of being that good. :P Wish me luck Im going to need it!

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